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BookTV 20 Questions

After opening remarks at the Symposium, Greil Marcus and Werner Sollors responded to questions from the panelists and members of the audience. This program aired November 1st on C-SPAN BookTV.

NLHA Symposium “History and Literary History”

“Does NLHA depend on an American victory in the Cold War and thereby has a kind of ‘Whiggishness’ built into it even though it defies any sort of Whiggishness?”

George Blaustein

“We don't need to burden ourselves (since this is a History panel) of whether or not something is aesthetically good enough for inclusion but I do want to ask each of you to elaborate a little more on the idea of a historical canon.”

Ted Widmer

Peter Galison

Farah Jasmine Griffin

Joyce Chaplin

“I worried this would be like many academic publications of the last 20 or 30 years in which there's either anger at the United States and its story or a celebration of cacophony that doesn't allow for the idea of a meaningful nation with a real history that we can talk about. I do think we avoided these dangers.” “The fall of the Berlin Wall didn't make this book, [rather] the lowering of another kind of disciplinary wall in the University; the sense that America doesn't either have to be defended or decried; the High/Low distinction not something that has to be enforced here to establish the validity of the nation-state.” “Another way of addressing these concerns was to have ‘very important historical moments’ written by people who the original authors could never have imagined writing about them. I remember deciding to ask Obama to write an entry on Lincoln (this was early on, when he could have actually done it!).” “On the history of interdisciplinary history: I think there was a nanosecond where Cultural History was thought of as a mash-up of History and Anthropology. And I think that moment actually mattered and really helped condition historians to think about culture as a text.”

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American Academy of Arts and Sciences
September 24, 2009

Emilil Bizzi (3 min.)Werner Sollors (15 min.)Greil Marcus (14 min.)

photos by Martha Stewart, audio courtesy of The American Academy of Arts and Sciences

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A Video Interview with Lindsay Waters,
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Modestly, what I'm trying to do is transform the Humanities...”

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